Sir Dr Patrick Bijou and the proud Team of EAU-COIN announces that EAU-COIN today begins its process of our ICO before becoming mainstream.
With no external capitalization, seed capital, crowd funding or loans needed, EAU-COIN is using its own finances to support its release and spread. 
EAU-COIN as a set business model is a picture of financial elegance to solve all aspects of digital finance for a new hybrid stable, secure and gold-backed cryptocurrency designed by a financial genius, Pluto, to always be guaranteed to be 100% debt free and owned outright, making EAU-COIN dramatically better than non-gold-backed natioanl currencies and above and beyond any other digital borderless cryptocurrency out there.
EAU-COIN is in particular, extremely proud of its business model- the like of which does not exist elsewhere- that provides stability, security, prosperity and good governance across any national border.
Readily accepted as a being the best option over any cash money FIAT currency, no government can prevent the intended huge success of EAU-COIN for P2P, B2B and ecosystem settlements. Made to appeal to every possible type of investor and user, EAU-COIN has real gold backing that is 100% debt and leverage free, owned, with as close to limitless potential expansion as there is gold mining on the planet, suitable as a stable replacement for any volatile or ailing national currency that has no gold backing.
To take part in this gold backed cryptocurrency offer with its continuous and built-in 20% bonus to all token holders, buy EAU-COIN GELT now, and invest in a sure return again and again from ROUND to ROUND as EAU-COIN expands and rolls out its business model internationally across all current banking boundaries.
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