September 28,2018


By November 30th, EAU-COIN will place a 2nd token to public offer, named ‘EAU1’ through its website.
Based on the EAU-COIN balance sheet of 31st October 2018, of nearly 9 Billion USD, the offer will consist of 10% of the current value, equal to $900 Million USD in value.
The tokens will be issued at a nominal sum of US$ 0.10 cents each times 9 Billion tokens over 12 months.
EAU-COIN management advise token buyers to act quickly as the asset value of EAU-COIN is set to AT LEAST double during this time period, if not quintuple. EAU-COIN are in current negotiations to add to their balance sheet by buying more operative mines now. This aggressive acquisition strategy is on-going.
EAU-COIN have the ability to negotiate and add – as business progresses – further acquisitions held in stasis pending contractual settlement of (currently) up to $5Trillion USD asset values of gold mines. The business of mine acquisitions is balanced by the capability of EAU-COIN to manage and incorporate these acquisitions into its business model, based only on the fundamental economic principal of supply and demand. The abstraction of economic quack theories depending on good or bad money is irrelevant to EAU-COIN as a successful business model, as EAU-COIN is not limited to its addition of asset values, as some mad interpretations of economics would have people consider as applicable.
The expected public response to this is that the EAU1 offer will be taken up quickly, as the rising TRUE market value of EAU-COIN over the coming 12 month period is expected to exceed all expectations, and at provided sustainable market values backed by real gold values from the balance sheet of EAU-COIN. NO bubble. NO Ponzi scheme. Just good clean business investing in solid, stable, secure future returns 100% owned by EAU-COIN debt-free and not dependent on any token sales. Remember- EAU-COIN is a gold mining company. We mine our own gold. If you want a part of us, invest. Buy EAU-COIN or EAU1.  If you don’t, fine. We will keep the 20% upspread offered through EAU-COIN that we guarantee the profit for,  and withdraw and keep any unsold EAU1 tokens, thanks very much, and get on with our mining anyway.
You see, dear Token Buyer; we don’t need your money. Because we own our own gold, and gold is money, and money is gold. Thanks very much, we can mine, produce and sell our own gold without the need to leverage or get money from investors. We merely INVITE YOU to participate in our profits. Over the next 100 years, EAU-COIN ONLY follows the basic cardinal law of economics of supply and demand; the more people want EAU-COIN, the more we will supply it. We have more than enough assets in hand and on call to add to our balance sheet (paid for by our own abilities- not those of token buyers like some competitors).

NOTE:-   Gresham’s Law of Money

To disappoint according to the opinion of some people, in fact there is no good or bad money to talk about anywhere in the EAU-COIN business model. Anyway, if the ‘good’ money is taken by the public and held out of circulation, that only leaves the ‘bad’ money… which seems then, to be inclusive of the business model of those who postulate these theories; and who wants to purchase ‘bad’ money, when they can buy EAU-COIN which is properly 100% debt free and gold backed to a vast degree of supply?

To quote from the postulation of these people:-

Gresham’s Law of Money – “bad money drives out good,” is an inherent problem plaguing both traditional cryptocurrencies and asset-backed currencies. This is witnessed with gold and silver, where those who hold it over legal tender or fiat currency, typically do not wish to spend it, choosing the less valued fiat currency for everyday transactions.

This is in fact, a lie. EAU-COIN is a crypto currency – the ONLY one with a sure future –  that eclipses this stupid idea entirely. EAU-COIN  have so much asset value that we can add to our balance sheet over the next 100 years, that we can very well out-supply any other mining company. Or, we will just buy them out; and fulfill ANY market demand on our tokens. Because of this, we shred this stupid good-bad money economic theory in tatters. EAU-COIN IS THE GOOD MONEY DRIVING OUT THE BAD.

1/. Tokens are backed by 100% debt free owned gold by EAU-COIN already, today, now.

2/. We mine our own gold. From our own mines. We don’t buy it. We don’t leverage it. We don’t need any gold allocations or suppliers or underwriters. We don’t need any tricky ways of showing funny maths of groups of precious metals in a token underwriting of allocation that has to be bought at a huge mark-up with token buyers money. WE DON’T NEED YOUR MONEY TO BUY ASSETS OR GOLD OR COBALT OR TUNGSTEN OR PALLADIUM OR ANYTHING ELSE. WE OWN OUR OWN GOLD TO BEGIN WITH. ALL OF IT.

3/. BECAUSE we own all our own gold today, now; EAU-COIN sits at the fulcrum between the market value of gold and the USD; so, no matter which way the price goes, the token bonus and USD value is guaranteed to be paid out at the $1.20 bonus inclusive cash-out/ roll-over at token redemption. All these other so-called token crypto currencies can’t do that BECAUSE THEY DON’T OWN A FIG IN A TREE. You give them your hard earned cash money at your own risk and pray something bubble-like might happen. This is called gambling. Good luck with that, as far as I can see, because the house always wins from gamblers. Or, they sell token buyers bullion gold/ jewelry at the most HUGE tricky mark-ups compared to what you can buy from any legitimate bullion dealer, all hidden with snake-oil salesmen’s slippery words. If you want to be a sheep and follow the heard without thinking, buy yourself some good sheers, because you will be sheering your own bank account balance with a lovely smile and hey ho nonny no.

The business model of the quote provider above relies on token buyers and users of their system to support their idea. Mad. They have nothing. No assets and no scaleable value to their balance sheet. They deny the basic economic law of supply and demand. These people place total reliance on token buyers giving their business model success. Its mad. Its like asking token buyers to give money to a business to make it successful but please, Mr Token Buyer, buy the tokens at the successful business prices. They only buy gold at a discounted value and make a HUGE profit selling it in shadowy ways at extremely high mark-up to their token buyers. And, they offer zero guarantee of any return, and in fact state in their white paper, that they deliberately will not refund any tokens ever. Mad. Who in their right mind is going to invest in a Ponzi scheme like that? If I hear anyone referring to their business by Gresham’s Law of Money ever, I know immediately that they are selling bad money. And, who on earth wants more of that? Madness.

EAU-COIN works properly BECAUSE WE OWN OUR OWN GOLD TODAY- NOW – HERE. If you can’t work out this simple fact, then you don’t deserve to profit by our investment invitations. Go back to your fruit machines, bubbles and roulette wheels, and enjoy crying about how much you lost to your friends the day the music dies. EAU-COIN will continue as it has done and will do, mining its own gold, and selling it when it does, thanks very much, if token buyers are in or out. Makes no difference to a gold mining company with huge assets and organized production capabilities, period. We will be more than happy to profit from keeping the 20% bonus from gold production sales.

Follow the clever money and buy EAU-COIN today.

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